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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

Some day being the best is going to get old.. Fortunately for this game that day
has not yet arrived. For the best you are and the best you shall remain.
The questionable outcomes of the first Black Ops seemed to cast a daunting
shadow over this new release.
The game began with one of the most heart wrenching intro montages I have
ever seen. Depicting a scene of fiery discord. Going into the first mission, after
a brief explanation by the aging Sgt. Frank Woods, we are greeted with an
expansive African scene with a back drop that seems to effortlessly melt into
the abyss.
There has been a nice change in graphics, it almost looks cartoony but the look
works well for the game as explosions run out and shake your hand while body
parts litter the path of your wake. All of the weapons have been completely
redone and a good portion of new age 2025 weaponry added. It seems almost
tradition for Call of Duty games to redo the AK47. This version is a nice change
that comes with a slightly dodgy sound and a surprisingly smooth full auto
In Black Ops 2 you play between two game time zones, the time set just after
the first Black Ops game and 2025 (the base of Black Ops 2), in 2025 you will
experience the life and times of Commander David Mason, son of the soviet
guinea pig, Alex Mason. Trying with all your might to stop a new psychopath
named Raul Mendez who plans to use new age virus and processing
technology to mount a cyber attack on the US military main frame, with a
weapon code named Karma (ironic?).

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